Why employee health checks Are Important?

Employees health is a priority for any organization. A healthy Employees population is more productive and misses fewer days from work. Even if an employee comes to work, they won’t be as effective as possible if they don’t feel well. This costs companies money and makes for loss of productivity. Employer wellness programs offer health check-ups that help to identify health problems early before they become severe  – and that’s a good thing for both company and Employees.

Benefits of employee health checks

The most important benefit of employee health check-ups is, it helps identify health issues that might otherwise be missed diagnosis. Blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels screening can identify employees at higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and/or heart conditions. These conditions can be treated with dietary and lifestyle modifications if detected early. Screenings also help identify blood sugar levels higher than normal but aren’t yet in the clinically detectable range. These people are at an increased risk of developing full-blown diabetes unless they receive early treatment. Type 2 diabetes is a significant risk factor for heart disease and other comorbidities like Hypertension, eye problems, kidney conditions etc.

Employee health checks may be the only screening employees might receive

With the increasing cost of healthcare, unfortunately, not all employees are making health a priority. Some employees may even go for years without ever visiting a doctor or having their blood glucose, blood pressure, or cholesterol levels checked. Employee health checkup screenings are not designed to replace a clinical exam and blood studies carried out by a health professional. However, they help create the urgent need to visit a health professional if there is an abnormality observed in screenings. By investing the time and money to arrange health check-ups for employees, organizations set an example by playing an active role in keeping employees healthy and productive.

Health screenings help employees adopt a healthier lifestyle

Employee health check-ups encourage employees to seek help and reassess their lifestyle habits. When an organization prioritizes its employee health, it motivates them to look more closely at their lifestyle, exercise and dietary choices. They can also seek help from the corporate wellness program and get coaching from experts. This reduces the long-term burden on the organizations by reducing their benefits costs.

Building Employees loyalty

Studies show that employees appreciate it when a company takes an active measure to improve their health. A corporate wellness program promotes goodwill among employees because they know their company cares about their well-being. It is a win-win situation for both organization and employees. Employees benefit by getting healthier and focus on being productive rather than dealing with avoidable health issues.


Not all employees are as health-conscious as one might expect them to be. Employee health screening programs give employees feedback on their health which otherwise they might not receive. This feedback helps employees to be motivated to make better lifestyle choices and prevent future health issues. That’s why more and more organizations are choosing to screen and educate their employees about health-related issues. It saves money to them in the long run by keeping employees happy, healthy and productive.

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