Onsite health screening Program: The why, what and how?

Building a preventive health and wellness program to help improve the health of your employees is an excellent investment in their health and ultimately your company’s productivity. Any wellness program should start by analyzing the current health of your employees. The best way to do this is by setting up an on-site biometric health screening event. Biometric health screening events are an excellent preventative service for your employees. They’re designed to help your employees learn the status of their health so they know where they might need to make some changes regarding their health habits and lifestyle choices. Some of the benefits of offering on-site biometric screenings:
  1. They provide helpful information for both employers and employees by collecting health data that can be translated into actionable goals. It’s a convenient and free opportunity for employees to take a more active role in their health and gain motivation to develop healthier habits.
  2. They provide a data-driven starting point for your wellness program. Having these baseline results helps you measure changes over time.
  3. They help employees understand their health. Throughout the event, participants are shown their results and given opportunities to ask questions about their health. This allows a safe, convenient space to start a conversation about health and wellness.
  4. They illuminate trends. Employers receive aggregate results of their screening event. This allows them to analyse the results and spot the trends that can be addressed at the organisation level. You can then invest in programs that will have the biggest impact on your population.
Compared to traditional health screening solutions, our solution IHRA has additional advantages:
  1. Completely non-invasive; so there is no fear of pain and infections
  2. Fasting is optional.
  3. Real-time results; Presents an opportunity for the teachable moment
  4. Complete privacy
  5. Provides the risk and early detection of the chronic conditions
As you begin to plan your on-site biometric screening event with Aarca Research, you may have some questions.  We have compiled some of the FAQs for your easy reference here:
  1. How big does the screening room need to be?

Room size is determined by the expected number of participants to be screened. However an indoor room with a minimum size of 5*5 meters is sufficient per one camera booth to do screenings for your employees.

  1. How many screenings can be completed in an hour?

Aarca Research recommends no more than 20 people be screened each hour per booth; however, screening flow is determined by expected participation, number of screening hours, deployed cameras and room size.

  1. How long does the screening take?

Depending on the setup, each screening will take approximately 10 minutes per participant.

  1. How do you ensure confidentiality at the screening?

Screening staff adheres to strict policies regarding data privacy. Aarca Research staff is trained to communicate results in a confidential and private manner putting the participant at ease. For example, pointing to values instead of speaking values. Results will be directly sent to the employees email. Our reports are password protected. Also, we only provide aggerate results to the employers.

  1. How accurate are the results received at the on-site screening event?

IHRA results has the comparable sensitivity and specificity to the fasting blood samples collected by venepuncture. Our results are published in internal journals and has been peer reviewed.

  1. What to expect after onsite health screening?

No matter what you decide to do to build off of your biometric screenings exercise, it all starts in the same place— analysing your aggregate results. Take a look at the data and looks for trends. Once you’ve noticed a few common health risks among your employees, put together a wellness program that addresses the specific issues your company is facing. Help combat common problems by finding solutions you can promote starting in the office. For example, one of the best ways that employers can improve their employees’ biometric numbers is to promote fitness options at work.

  1. Do you have remote options for employees that can’t attend the onsite event?

Aarca Research offers a variety of options for remote employees. These options include a home screening, and an option to upload data from a designated screening location with booking made in advance.

  1. Do screening participants need to fast before the screening event? 

Fasting is optional for participants.  However, fasting may give more accurate results depending on the severity of the condition.

  1. Do you take appointments, or do you accept walk-ins? 

You can choose how you want to structure the event and Aarca Research provides both the options. We also provide a customised link for your organisation for advance data collection.

  1. Is there a minimum number of participants needed? 

We generally requires a minimum of 40 participants. However, we are happy to accommodate smaller events (10-39 participants) with an added small site fee.

  1. Do you provide marketing materials for screening events? 

We provides marketing and communication materials to help you promote your event to your workforce. 

  1. What is the lead-time needed for a biometric screening event? 

We can accommodate a screening event with two week lead-time. This helps us ensure you have the best staff and overall experience as possible and provide you the time to complete the advanced data collection with customised link.

If you have any more questions regarding a biometric screening event, feel free to reach out to us. If you are interested to organise an employee onsite health screening, contact us here

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